Friday, December 24, 2010

While some 1 year old girls are cuddling dolls!!

My little princess cuddles her pet snake!
She really loves her "baby!"
The snake's name is Viper (named by her owner Jesse, my 6 year old son) she is a Ball Python and is almost a year old.  We have had her for 6 months and she is probably the best pet we have ever owned! She is very easy to take care of, doesn't smell, doesn't make a sound, and has never even thought to bite anyone.  Ball Pythons are perfect first snakes because they are very calm and almost never bite their owner.  However, even though it is VERY rare one might strike at a human, we are still very careful.  Jemima (my beautiful 1 year old in these pictures) always has someone watching closely while she gets her snake cuddling time.  She loves this pet.  Honestly, I feel safer with her holding Viper than a kitten.  Kitchens get antsy and scratch. Viper just sits there.


  1. She's cute but viper's not:):):)

  2. Sarah, so glad you shared your new blog!! I miss you on xanga, so I'm glad you started fresh somewhere so I can still keep up with you!!
    Your baby is BIG now!! Can't wait for more city life pictures and more of the children!! Hope your feeling well!! Kim