Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly meal planning!

                              (My 4 littles having a picnic lunch in Cocoa Beach, Florida last month!)

Most meal plan on Mondays, but for my family we picked Sunday as the perfect time for us.  You see, our day of rest starts sundown Friday and lasts till sundown Saturday, so today feels like our first day of the week.  Also, Ryan is home and an extra set of hands at the store is always a plus.  Sometimes I'll just go by myself with 1 other child, just depends on everyones mood.

Our meals have changed a lot lately.  I found out back in the summer that I have Celiac Disease, and I am willing to bet at least 3 of my children do as well, so we are Gluten Free.  It's not as much of a big deal as I thought it was going to be when we first changed out diet. However, now we must have more planning before each meal.  I plan 3 meals a day for a whole week (so I can buy in bulk) before each trip.  Where we live now it takes us seconds to order take out and either go get it or have it brought.  Not only does it cost a ton to order Gluten Free take out, but you can't be 100% sure it is really safe.  So planning ahead is the only way to not set ourselves up to fail, we are only human after all! :) Most everything must be made from scratch to insure everything is safe.  I can tell a huge difference in the way I fell if I have eaten gluten by mistake, or cheated.  Not only do my joints hurt very bad, but I feel sick, have a migraine, have heartburn, and just can't function properly.

As well as Gluten Free we have had to go off dyes, HFCS, processed foods, and since everything was looking unsafe we went all Organic.  Jesse can not handle any HFCS or dyes.  He gets out of control hyper and it scares him because he couldn't control himself.  All my children are so much calmer and way more focused. It's really amazing how much difference a proper diet can make!  Also, I never buy canned anything anymore, and only frozen if it can't be got fresh.  Our weekly budget is around $200 for all 6 of us.  I heard a gasp! lol Take into account, WE DON'T EAT OUT! So even though our food seems high, it's not nearly as much as most because we don't spend extra on take out.  Also, gluten free flour is HIGH!  We limit meals with meat in them two to three times a week as well.  We know meat is not needed, but some in my house REALLY like the taste. :) So we came to a compromiser and set limits! No pork EVER, rarely red meat (it's been limited to once a month), and we have to know WHERE it came from. 

So today I got up, made GF blueberry muffins and scramble 12 free range organic eggs and sat around the table with my note book asking each member of my family what they would like to see on the table this week.  I always ask them to help meal plan, and then I let them help make it.  I believe this is the main reason I don't have any picky eaters!  After breakfast we do a quick clean up, I started a pot of corn chowder (so it is ready for our noon meal when we return home!), and we get ready to leave.
Our meals for this week!  If you would like recipes, just ask and I will share! :)

Breakfast: I was smart enough to make extra muffins today, so tomorrow I will warm them and cut up a pineapple and set out some grapes.
Lunch: Potato soup with gluten free sweet bread (vegetarian)
Supper: GF mac "n" cheese with steamed veggies and salad

Breakfast: Cooked cereal and fruit
Lunch: BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad.
Dinner: Bean and veggie tacos.

Breakfast: toast with jam, and fruit
Lunch: Not sure yet, I am having my younger siblings over so my parents can go on a date! :)
Dinner: Split Pea soup with corn bread (vegetarian)

Breakfast: Cooked cereal and fruit
Lunch: GF chicken nuggets baked (Liam's request!) with baked sweet potato fries and veggie sticks
Supper: Pasta, garlic sticks, and salad (Yes, ALL gluten free!)

Breakfast: Egg sandwich and fruit. (Jess's favorite! He'd eat it everyday if I let him!)
Lunch: Baked fish, cheese potatoes, corn, and salad.
Supper: NEW YEARS! Snack tray (mix of cheese and GF crackers, veggie tray..) and punch

Breakfast: Pancakes (with either berries or bananas)
Lunch: Taco Salad (vegetarian)
Supper: White bean chowder (vegetarian)

And Sunday's breakfast will be a muffin and eggs again.

Snacks are either fruit, vegetables, nuts, or dried fruit.  I only allow water to be drank unless it is a special day.  We go through around 4 gal of water a day here.
Have a healthy week!


  1. You should post this over at There are lots of people over that way that live GF. Think they would love some ideas for their weekly plans!

  2. i'm gluten dairy and egg free and have recipoes on my blog but for some reason my links to them disspapeared..hope they will be there again tomorrow!

    Must be tough when kids have these issues...seems like every time I turn around someone is giving my kids candy and other junk....

    oh and could you email me? I wanted to add you to my private